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The NCD Platform provides full SW support and automation tools for developing UIs and business logic.

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NCD Platform Component

The NCD platform supports various commercial SW and OSS.

Supporting SW & Tools

Type Platforms Feature
Infra S/W OS UNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS, etc Multi-OS compatibility
HTTP Server APACHE HTTP SERVER, etc Multi-HTTP Server compatibility
WAS JBoss / Weblogic / Websphere / JEUS / LENA / Tomcat, etc Supports new version of WAS
DBMS Oracle / MS SQL / DB2 / Tibero / MYSQL / MariaDB
Dev S/W Automated UI tool DevOn UI Prototyper
Framework Spring DevOnFrame/eGovernment Standard Framework
Business Service Engine DevOn BizActor
IDE NCD Studio
Cloud NCD Platform supports various cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, etc)

Composition of NCD Platform

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